Weight Loss Therapy




Medical Weight-Loss refers to the proactive management of diet, fitness, and healthy habits conducted by a physician based on medical, scientific principles. This targets the root causes of obesity and weight gain, utilizing the right combination of clinical and lifestyle support to achieve a healthy weight and a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

Native Urban Healthcare understands how tough it can be to lose excess weight. We offer a number of effective weight loss programs to our clients.   Here are a few. Call for an appointment to discuss other options.


For every patient, we begin with a one-on-one consultation. One of our weight loss providers will meet you and start the consultation. This will include:

  • Evaluation of diet history and medical conditions
  • Identification of weight-loss struggles
  • Goal-settings
  • Education about a healthy lifestyle for long term success
  • Helpful handouts for healthy eating, meal planning, and snacks

Once we have discussed possible medications, we will get into more detail about the weight loss program you prefer and how we will monitor the medication.

Fat Burning Injection - Lipo-Mino

A series of fat-burning, essential amino acid injections for increased metabolism and weight loss are available for purchase at Native Urban Healthcare These injections are specially formulated to decrease fat deposits, speed up metabolism, and reduce body fat naturally.

  • Single-Injection for $39
  • 4-Pack Injection for $109

If you prefer B12 without the fat-burning amino acid, the injection can be purchased for $20 each or 4 Pack for $69.00

DNS Carb Blocker - $49

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Peptide Diet - $169

Great for weight loss with excessive central adiposity, reduces body fat through lipolysis, increases strength and endurance, improves concentration and sleep quality, aids in the development of lean body mass. When taking peptides, you can start noticing a difference in a matter of weeks.  Most treatments take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to display full benefits.


HCG DIET – $169

This program is a three-week diet combining a very low-calorie diet with a bi-weekly or daily dose of HCG for rapid weight loss. HCG is administered either orally or through injection into fat. After the HCG diet, an additional three weeks will be focused on a high-calorie maintenance diet to keep the weight off and transition to a long-term weight management solution.  Call for Details

Phentermine and HCTZ

Program 1: $50 includes a physical exam and a prescription for a 30-day supply of appetite suppressants. Phentermine and HCTZ tablets are prescribed.  Call for an Appointment and details

Program 2: $100 includes a physical exam and a prescription for a 60-day supply of appetite suppressants. Phentermine and HCTZ tablets are prescribed. The price for the program may change without notice. Please note that your blood pressure levels must be stable for the program to commence. Call for appointment and details

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